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The Tubular West

by Samuel Andreyev

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Finding out if it is possible to get into background levels or not and if so whether they can be left at will thereby obviating any need to show that which is going to go into a silent mode and which can never be said to take any more thought than that which is given to a cloud formation
Here comes the satellite with every gleaming distance gliding over it enter frenetic clime and draw the deepest ink out of rabid goals only then appear initial glints of what they call the Matches causing nets to fall on random rings from other planes Jumping in lack of space the region blusters moving flasks from envy hopping the grated plow to make it on to weather a stone apart only at the shining of a tine proliferating Matches cold but singular and teeming with arrythmic down What is your name—oh I see you’re not quite here where are you from—is that so some other place Flashes upon the brine and statues move in view of two beyond blue meeting the waving mind and harbored in the crest of a lovely nest magical causality is bound to gesture over borders fold along the grain of paper lined with gabardine Here comes the subtle light with many keening instants hiding into it stopping the gate allows to wake up on the heather a Bonaparte only when up here a simple hint of lectures hover boulders pausing bets to call on random wings from other manes
Lighting up at last little stone still has no shadow gone again far too long nothing will move that is all Cracking through the still till the rest moves into leaving singular movement must come to the fore once again Mind the bend it’s stirring through the valley standing for that which focalizes motion tapping the sheets to check the grain Presentness will give only when a movement happens time resists nothing less than a refusing grip Water soaks the ground from below diverting dryness going on much too long weaving into a flaw Mind the bend it’s whirring through the reels little doubt it will form another pattern tapping the sheets to check the grain
On time and in the air The Tubular West makes its mythos hide in the wings waiting for the grass to grow once brushed out by the fan a storm is guided through the young and poor bird’s-eye view floating glass into a length Walking by the fleets that scatter light toward the eye a pull is felt to have a way to engineer a move within the Potter’s Field on the way to The Tubular West From open tracks afar the view makes hay and settles wage in tandem with breath where The Tubular West stands now if the crest were done the foot would tap its messages to all of the folks waiting for a turn to hear Flocking to the streets that flatter height in time to cry a fuller belt in daylight sends the clearing grave to sow the lotteries in a wave to The Tubular West
Half-Dream 03:39
As the walls recede and souvenirs come into view some recent plans appear that would seem to have a sense of continuity Soldering the past to sell its suit to anyone who passes by the dome under evening light looking for a matching eye Changing gears to check if there is heat or at least if the tune takes up too much room having stopped to verify the claim that the sense is clear, we need not remain Staring into milk receiving stars upon the wave that slides into the dark whiting out the storm and the rest would seem to fade
Over by the mantle fibrous read by candle lighter than the gloom and falling to the carpets ready for the memory of all that time has made an only bust it all falls down and now it’s done Moving high with mandrels turning blue entire crutches to the ground in puny falls together with a loss of local levity which makes for strange departures waxing in the room till all grows dim To turn the room toward a pane and see that intersections make the frame there’s nothing like a view too far to take the blue and make it chase the star Passing through the spandrels rooks will air the greatest foe on local sands and move toward a closer vantage for the lamp which lights the room. For when it dims a space is gone in other words it cannot fly
Only through us shall the cards be revealed to be stamped with logos of a fluid sort moving on moving into the desk of a slowgoing task which requires ink from boxes by the door stamping on stamping off Lastly the list of appointments to crush the staples into paper hoping for a fold folding it sharp fold it trawling the sheets for a hook in the day which will track the stylus weathering the morn trimming up trimming down
Winter retains its cold and branches hold their own prats will fall but molecules remain stuck down Yet on recursive shores a motion loosens silt deep below a rubricated stone is jarred Give me some 10-league boots I’ll master Randers light stropping down the complications on the way
Bendings 03:55
Seen through the stripes enfolded hours o the bendings make luxury amass up to the last revealing shapes with every movement the air could call its own Whether it seems to go on, whether it falls together by the long lines of frequency bendings remove to elsewhere, moving the matter onward sighing by tongs refracting night Pressing the dash to loop along forever into the falling bands of grain open the slow evolving lattice and the soundings will pulse from every ace Whether it seems to go on, whether it falls together by the long lines of frequency bendings remove to elsewhere, moving the matter onward sighing by tongs refracting night
Rose Window 05:30
The darkness is high, the brightness is low and the window is far beyond reach a turret’s no place for meandering lace it’s the crenellation’s way rising back the red and the black no matter where roaming is down I tried to Hide with a capital H but those ascenders gave me away I had them removed and then came the end with the letter after M rising black the red and the black no matter where roaming is down
Something is moving yet what it is I could not tell you for sure hazy stripes underswim to the beds Flexing in sideways combing slowly through the woven air gliders bend moving through ductile gems Something is moving


An album with a shape and a direction all its own

The music of SAMUEL ANDREYEV is...

Samuel Andreyev’s new album The Tubular West is the culmination of eighteen years of “musical adventure”—a description given by Van Dyke Parks to Andreyev’s 2000 recording Swollows, but which could suitably apply to his entire output, from inventive solo song cycles recorded in living rooms and garages, to avant-garde modern classical compositions commissioned and performed by some of Europe’s most acclaimed ensembles. With The Tubular West, Andreyev reasserts his unique pop sensibility without compromising any of the qualities that have established him as one of the world’s most significant young composers. In fact, this distinctive new recording lies at the intersection of the two main paths of his musical career.

Recorded at Melodium Studio in Montreuil, France, The Tubular West features outstanding performances by virtuoso musicians such as Ayako Okubo and brothers Olivier and Léo Maurel (the latter of whom invented several of the instruments that helped to define the album’s beguiling textures). Samuel is as much a multi-instrumentalist as ever, playing a range of instruments from heckelphone to synth and stylophone to piano, but with the live-in-the-studio approach established for the ­Tubular West sessions, his arrangements and performances are charged with a vibrant new energy. The synergy among Samuel and his dedicated musical collaborators was expertly captured by visionary engineer Nicolas Dufournet, whose techniques achieved the ideal meld of analogue and digital, vintage and cutting edge. Add to all this the fact that these new songs and instrumentals are easily Samuel’s most exceptional to date and the result is a work so original and compelling that it’s sure to further establish him as one of the most extraordinary artists in modern music.

Befitting the uniqueness of the music, The Tubular West is being released in a customized CD package designed to
inaugurate the new incarnation of Torpor Vigil Records. The gatefold design evokes the more decadent days of vinyl while making the most of the formal opportunities afforded by the newer medium, such as a photo-rich twelve-page booklet with complete lyrics. The mixing and mastering also exploit the potential of the CD/digital format, with fifty-two minutes of broad-frequency sound without compromise to the dynamic range. The album is, of course, also available for download.

Artist Bio:
Samuel Andreyev was born in Kincardine, Ontario in 1981. Prior to settling in France in 2003, he spent fifteen years in Toronto, where he studied at the Royal Conservatory and recorded his first eight albums of songs. After continuing his composition studies with Allain Gaussin, he entered the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP), where he obtained both bachelor and master degrees in composition in the class of Frédéric Durieux, as well as a prix d'analyse supérieure in the class of Claude Ledoux. Following that, he spent a year in the Cursus for electro-acoustic music at IRCAM. He has also studied with Brian Ferneyhough, Heinz Holliger, Michael Jarrell, Klaus Huber and Rebecca Saunders. In 2012, he was awarded the first prize of the Henri Dutilleux competition, and was named a member of the Académie de France à Madrid, living at the Casa de Velázquez through 2013. He has received numerous commissions from groups and institutions including Radio France, Ensemble Proton (Bern), the Archipel Festival (Geneva), and Le Balcon (Paris). Also a poet, his first major collection, Evidence, was published by Quattro Books (Toronto) in 2009. Samuel Andreyev’s music is regularly performed throughout the world, and is published by Alphonse Leduc and Babel Scores.

About the label:
Torpor Vigil Records is an independent label based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to releasing superb editions of remarkable audio works. With the release of The Tubular West, TVR begins a new phase of activity that will include future recordings by Samuel Andreyev and new compilations of somniloquies by legendary sleeptalker Dion McGregor.


released January 31, 2013


Composed, arranged and produced by Samuel Andreyev

Project coördination and production assistance by Steve Venright
Recorded by Nicolas Dufournet at Melodium Studio, Montreuil, France, 2011−2012
Assistant engineers: Arthur Vayssié, Félix Béguin and Maxime Kosinietz
Mixed by Samuel Andreyev and Nicolas Dufournet
Mastered by Tony Smith at Joao Carvalho Studio, Toronto, Canada

Performed by Samuel Andreyev, Ayako Okubo, Olivier Maurel and Léo Maurel with Chris Swithinbank, Winnie Huang, Joshua Hyde, Andrea Agostini and Nicolas Dufournet

Cover painting (Durie Street, Toronto) attributed to Doris Aishford, circa 1948
Photography, pictorial revisions and design by Steve Venright


all rights reserved



Samuel Andreyev Strasbourg, France

Samuel Andreyev is a Canadian composer based in Europe whose work has been widely performed by some of the world's most acclaimed ensembles. As a singer-songwriter he has recorded several albums of distinctive pop music, most notably The Tubular West (Torpor Vigil Records, 2013).

Further bio details on the TVR website Artist page: www.torporvigil.com/012TVR/SectorPages/Artists.html
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